Elizabeth Bathory (2013) Trailer

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Elizabeth Bathory (2013)

Year: 2014
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M49S
Cast: Nancy Trifiletti, Jon Elston, Brittney Lull, Sam Smith, Lescha Carpenter, Kim Fitzgerald IV, Diane Lyons, Joe Tenebruso, Angel Izard, Tilke Hill, Kathleen Denecke, India Seychew, Adah Hagen
Director(s): Elizabeth Nixon

There is a slew of Elizabeth Bathory vampire horror movies released lately but this film goes all out taking her name as its title. Elizabeth Nixon directs and Tilke Hill star in the vampire film.

Synopsis: It is 1611 and Katarina has been thrown into a dungeon in Hungary without reason. She discovers that another young woman, Anika, has already been trapped there for weeks. The stagnant dungeon air is soon disturbed as looming feelings of sinister forces plague them and distant memories of the horrific legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory torment them in this psychological horror. Their only hope is trust in each other and trust in God. But is that enough?


Elizabeth Bathory (2013)

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