Peter and the Colossus (2014) Trailer

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Peter and the Colossus (2014)

Year: 2014
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Family
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M18S
Cast: Marcus Lavatai, Aaron Madriaga, Phil Regina, Aubrey Robbins, Caleb Scanlan, Albert Ueligtone, Amber Williams, Amber Leilani Awalt, Valen Ahlo, Teresa Apo, Carolyn Araki, Kaleo Flores, Mark Ikenaga
Director(s): Mitchel Viernes

Mitchel Viernes" Peter and the Colossus looks a lot like The Iron Giant that starred Vin Diesel as a robot in some ways. I know the story is going to be totally different and that was not exactly my type of movie back then either. Peter and the Colossus stars Aubrey Robbins and Marcus Lavatai.

Synopsis: In the wake of her parents" sudden passing, Rachel Miller struggles to juggle two jobs while also taking care of her estranged younger brother, Peter. Traumatized from the loss, Peter refuses to utter a single word, making a social connection with anyone else very difficult. After school each day, Peter walks through a forest on his way home in order to avoid any confrontation with the school bullies, and on the way he makes an unlikely friendship that teaches him how to let others in and even helps mend his relationship with Rachel.


Peter and the Colossus (2014)

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