Pursuit of a Legend (2013) Trailer


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Pursuit of a Legend (2013)

Year: 2010
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M51S
Cast: Steffen Dziczek, Chris Cantelmi, Michael Morris
Director(s): Michael Shane Leighton

Thanks Kerry for reaching out with the trailer for this new Bigfoot horror movie Pursuit of a Legend. I saw the trailer and definitely felt the suspense as the brothers finally found the Sasquatch. Check out the trailer and drop a comment on your thoughts of the Bigfoot trailer.

Cryptozoologist, JUSTIN WELLS, and his brother, cameraman CARTER WELLS, had a plan: create their own television series. They had an idea: travel the country in search of the elusive Sasquatch. They had a title: Pursuit of a Legend. They even had a place to film their pilot episode: the Widjigo Woods. What they didn’t have...was a chance in hell.
Shot in point of view format, Pursuit of a Legend follows Carter as he searches the snowbound Widjigo Woods for clues of a Sasquatch legend to be living in the area. He is filmed by Justin, as they document their search for the mythical beast. Both hope for undeniable, fool proof video evidence to launch their television show. After finding a place to set up camp, the two brother’s spend a quiet night in the woods. Little do they know, it would be their only quiet night. During the daylight hours, Carter and Justin explore the expansive woods, following a trail of evidence which leads them to believe something is out there. Throughout their investigation, they sense, and experience firsthand, that they are not alone. But, when night falls and they have only the sanctuary provided by the light of their campfire, the unseen creature boldly makes itself know. The encounters start off simple and even a bit thrilling, however, by their third night they become terrifying as Carter realizes something powerful is displaying its dominance of the woods. Troubled by the aggressiveness of the encounters and their inability to communicate with the outside world, Carter concludes it is time to go home. But, Justin has a different outlook on their adventure. To him, the close encounters and the near misses with the creature in the dark, are a sign that they are nearing their pivotal piece of video evidence. The two brothers are at odds, one seeing the danger, the other seeing the excitement and chance to make it big. After a heated argument, Justin convinces Carter to hang in for just one more night.
The final day of their journey takes the brothers deep into the woods, as they retrace the previous night’s chilling run through the darkness and come across startling evidence. Still, Carter remains unsure of their choice to remain one more night, and when he continuously fails to contact his wife, his mood sinks even deeper. Then, they discover something which is more than any cryptozoologist could hope for. It’s an exhilarating find which takes a dreadful turn when Carter realizes in their haste to find evidence of a Sasquatch; they may have gone too far. As night falls over the barren tree tops, Carter and Justin find themselves running for their lives, pursued by the creature they set out to find, and preying they make it back to camp and out of the woods before its too late.


On March 2, 2003 Crypto zoologist, Carter Wells and his brother, camera operator Justin Wells left home for the Widjigo Woods to film a documentary about a legendary creature who inhabited these woods. They were never seen again.
Pursuit of a Legend (2013)

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