Minoru Kawasaki's Earth Defense Widow (2014) Video

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Minoru Kawasaki's Earth Defense Widow (2014)

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Duration: 1M24S

Minoru Kawasaki"s Earth Defense Widow looks horribly cheesy. Dan Mitsu plays an Earth Defense Pilot who vows revenge against the giant horned monster who killed her finance. Big problem is, every time she sees the monster, she gets uncontrollably aroused; enough said there. The film is set to release this upcoming February 18, 2014 in Japan.

Synopsis: The story centers on Dan (Dan Mitsu), who is a flying ace of JAP and an ex-geisha girl. Her fiance was killed by the kaiju Bemularsu which eats spent nuclear fuel, and she has sought vengeance on it since then. But the problem is that she feels ecstasy every time attacking the kaiju. Can she save the Earth?

Can she save the Earth? More importantly, will this be better than Kawasaki’s previous foray into daikaiju comedy: the depressingly lifeless Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit?


Minoru Kawasaki's Earth Defense Widow (2014)

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