Reminiscence: The Beginning (2014) Trailer

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Reminiscence The Beginning 2014

Reminiscence The Beginning 2014
Year: 2014
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Romance
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M18S
Cast: Özlem Begtas, Fatih Güler, Sefika Karaaslan, Serhat Karaaslan, Akçay Karaazmak, Yasar Karaazmak, Michaela Rexova, Levent Turan, Naz Turan, Ilkay Özyigit, Özlem Begtas, Fatih Güler, Akçay Karaazmak, Ilkay Özyigit
Director(s): Akçay Karaazmak, Akçay Karaazmak

Akcay Karaazmak directs and stars in Reminiscence: The Beginning which is a Turkish horror movie that looks to have taken every scene in scary horror movies over the last decade and mashed them into one film. The trailer screams wicked and demented and I can not even imagine all of this tied into the full movie. You have to see this horror movie trailer just once, it is so twisted.

Synopsis: A Slovak physicist, Miska, had been working on black hole theories and their connections with the magnetic fields in space. From her long research she uncovered some important results about the unproved parallel time dimensions: She found that every six years, the planets of our solar system come to a special position that affect each other’s magnetic fields, and at their intersection areas a temporally new magnetic field occurs. This could be used as a gateway to a black hole. A gateway to parallel worlds.

She defined the magnetic fields that will occur on earth, and the closest one to Slovakia will be in a town called Cesme in Turkey. She decided to go there with her boyfriend, Akcay, to research and experiment during the event which she is expecting. But what they will face is beyond the human mind.

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2015 upcoming horror movie, Reminiscence: The Beginning (2015) - Official Movie Trailer 1 in HD. - There are worlds,there are humans and there are Others. But there is only one Time which is the border between worlds. What if time breaks down? - Written and directed by Akçay Karaazmak. 2015 upcoming scariest horror movie

"Reminiscence" movie hits theaters Summer (2015).

Upcoming horror movie 2015 - Reminiscence based on true events and physics, telling the story of a couple that trying to experiment time and black-hole theories. But what they will face is much more then what they expected.

Upcoming horror movie 2015 REMINISCENCE
Genre: Horror

Directed and written by Akcay Karaazmak
Starring: Akcay Karaazmak, Michaela Rexova, Serhat Karaaslan, Fatih Güler, Levent Turan, Özlem Begtaş, Şefika Karaaslan, Hamide Sünetci

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