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Haunt 2013

Haunt 2013
Year: 2014
Genres: Horror, Mystery, Romance
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M9S
Cast: Jacki Weaver, Jan Broberg, Danielle Chuchran, Danielle C. Ryan, Brian Wimmer, Kasia Kowalczyk, Ione Skye, Vaughn Odenbrett, Kelly Noonan, DeVille Vannik, Brenden Whitney, Harrison Gilbertson, Liana Liberato, Ella Harris, Carl Hadra, Sebastian Michael Barr, Brooke Kelly, Maggie Scott, Aline Andrade, Jarrod Phillips
Director(s): Mac Carter

Mac Carter’s Haunt was picked up by IFC Midnight and now has a new horror trailer. Look for Haunt to release in select movie theaters this upcoming March 7, 2014. Haunt is about a family who moves into a new home. Their son meets the girl next door and through them the house becomes haunted by the spirits invoked into the house. Beware the Haunt horror trailer begins very slow but picks up fast and gets nice and scary towards the end of the movie trailer. Haunt stars Jacki Weaver, Liana Liberato and Harrison Gilbertson.

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Haunt TRAILER 1 (2014) - Jacki Weaver, Liana Liberato Horror Movie HD

An introverted teen sparks with his new neighbor, and together the couple begins to explore the haunted house that is family has unknowingly just purchased. via Movieclips Coming Soon


A mother and father and their three teen-age children move to a new home that was the scene of a "personal tragedy". The son meets a mysterious neighbor girl and together they experiment with an old radio they find in the attic, that can be used to communicate with the dead. Something is unleashed that brings new horror.