Damned Friday Teaser Trailer

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Damned Friday

Damned Friday
Type: Teasers
Duration: 0M49S

Paco Plaza (co-director of the [Rec] series) has branched out on his own to make a mock teaser trailer way back in 2008 titled Damned Friday set on the world of vampires . The trailer is so basic but delivers a serious scary ending. [Rec]3 star Leticia Dolera delivers a great narration and visual scene as she denies the existence of vampires before she changes violently into a vampire, the scene looks really good and the fangs are amazing. The fangs look similar to a werewolf but they still look like a vampires" fang, you have to see the ending of the vampire teaser trailer. The project will star Dolera as she struggles with her family, boyfriend and her change into a vampire. Plazo stated that he really wanted to do a fantastic vampire film as a horror fan and yes, there will be lots of blood.

Damned Friday - False Teaser Trailer by Paco Plaza, One of the many Directors supporting Teaserland.com, the first festival of False Trailers via festivaldetrailers