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Daylight- Dont Look Back Trailer

Daylight Dont Look Back Trailer
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Duration: 1M8S

New horror game Daylight is set to release this upcoming April 8, 2014 for the PC and Playstation 4 (PS4). Developer Zombie Studios and Atlus are looking to go down the route of the top horror games of 2013, Outlast. Instead of a camera light, you will be using a cell phone as your light source in this supernatural horror game. Advancing the gamer experience and hopefully the gameplay somewhat, if you are watching a Twitch stream of a player playing Daylight you can trigger in-game audio events while that player is exploring, seeking, solving puzzles all in real-time. That sounds great, not groundbreaking but an enhanced gaming experience. Look out for Daylight with a meager $14.99 price tag, definitely worth trying it out.

Daylight's purpose is to drive you to paranoia, anxiety and fear. It's meant to make you think that yes, there is something behind that door -- and that wall.
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