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Daylight- Don't Look Back Trailer

Type: Gaming
Duration: 1M8S

New horror game Daylight is set to release this upcoming April 8, 2014 for the PC and Playstation 4 (PS4). Developer Zombie Studios and Atlus are looking to go down the route of the top horror games of 2013, Outlast. Instead of a camera light, you will be using a cell phone as your light source in this supernatural horror game. Advancing the gamer experience and hopefully the gameplay somewhat, if you are watching a Twitch stream of a player playing Daylight you can trigger in-game audio events while that player is exploring, seeking, solving puzzles all in real-time. That sounds great, not groundbreaking but an enhanced gaming experience. Look out for Daylight with a meager $14.99 price tag, definitely worth trying it out.

Daylight- Don't Look Back Trailer

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