The Invoking (2013) UK Trailer

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The Invoking 2013 - UK Trailer

The Invoking 2013  UK Trailer
Year: 2013
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M10S
Cast: Rafael Siegel, D'Angelo Midili, Brandon Anthony, Carson Holden, Trin Miller, Andi Norris, Jacob Tommila, Josh Truax
Director(s): Jeremy Berg

Jeremy Berg"s The Invoking (2013) is currently available in the US but now will hit UK DVD markets this May 12, 2014. Watch the special UK trailer for The Invoking and tell us what you think. This horror film stars Carson Holden, Brandon Anthony and D"Angelo Midili.

Synopsis: After inheriting a house from a family that she never knew, Sam and three friends take a road trip to inspect the remote property. Soon after Sam arrives, old memories come seeping back while jealousy and unspoken tension among the friends is forced to the surface. Sam soon finds herself unable to tell the difference between reality and horrible visions of brutality she can"t escape, and while her world crumbles around her, she discovers that the current horrors may be tied directly to her past.

Special Features:
Actor Commentary
Director/Producer Commentary
Making-of Featurette

The Invoking UK DVD Art

A young woman's deep buried past comes back to haunt her in The Invoking which comes to DVD from Image Entertainment UK in May 2014 via aimpublicity