The Legend of Six Fingers (2014) Trailer

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The Legend of Six Fingers 2014

The Legend of Six Fingers 2014
Year: 2013
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M4S
Cast: Debbie Rochon, Lynn Lowry, David Marancik, Andrew Elias, Tim O'Hearn, Kyle Haner, Tia Maurice, C.J. Qualiana, Hernan Caraballo, Bill Brown, Amie James, Alexander S. McBryde, Erika Frase, Marcus Ganci-Rotella, Sam Qualiana, Kim Piazza, Alain Alvarez, Daniel Arrasjid, Simeon Qualiana, Nicole Ferrara
Director(s): Sam Qualiana

Sam Qualiana’s The Legend of Six Fingers (2014) is a found footage monster about a six fingered bigfoot. Bloody Earth Films will release the monster movie on DVD and VOD this upcoming June 24, 2014. The Legend of Six Fingers stars Debbie Rochon, Lynn Lowry, Andrew Elias and Tim O’Hearn.

Synopsis:Two filmmakers, Neil and Andrew, set out to make a documentary about a rash of domestic animal slaughters in rural Western New York. After interviewing several local residents, the filmmakers learn the Native American legend of Yá·yahk osnúhsa? – “Six Fingers” in English, a bipedal creature not unlike Bigfoot, so named because it has three fingers on each hand. Believing that Six Fingers is responsible for the animal slayings, the filmmakers set out on a terrifying journey into the woods to discover whether or not the creature exists.

Following a rash of animal atrocities and missing persons, two would-be documentary filmmakers set off into the woods in search of a bloodthirsty legendary creature. Starring Lynn Lowry (The Crazies) and Debbie Rochon (Tromeo and Juliette)

Coming 2014 from Bloody Earth Films and Camp Motion Pictures via AlternativeCinema