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Dreadout Game

Dreadout Game
Type: Gaming
Duration: 2M12S

Dreadout was made possible through developer Digital Happiness" successful Indiegogo campaign that is anĀ Indonesian horror game. The game plays like a Ringu experience and has a strong Asian horror atmosphere. Dreadout is currently available for PC via Steam. The trailer does show a horror game that is very creepy and promises to mess with your mind.

When a group of senior high-school students go astray from their vacation trip in Indonesia, they discover an old deserted town. They soon realize that something sinister is about to happen. Linda Melinda, the protagonist, realizes something mystical is happening to her. She gains a spiritual power that could save her and her friends from the unknown.

DreadOut - Launching Trailer 2014

May 15th 2014 via DreadOutgame