Juon: Beginning of the End (2014) Trailer

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Ju-on: Beginning of the End (2014)

AKA: Ju-on: Owari no hajimari
Year: 2014
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M30S
Cast: Miho Kanazawa, Kai Kobayashi, Yuina Kuroshima, Daiki Miyagi, Misaki Saisho, Nozomi Sasaki, Haori Takahashi, Reina Triendl, Maki Ishikawa, Ayako Omura, Yoshihiko Hakamada, Shô Aoyagi, Yasuhito Hida
Director(s): Masayuki Ochiai

Director Masayuki Ochiai brings us the seventh installment to the Ju-on franchise with Ju-on: Beginning of the End (2014). One of the best asian horror movie franchises so I am definitely stoked to see the film. Right in the beginning we see the spooky little boy. This is an official must see trailer packed with scary scenes. Starring in Ju-on: Beginning of the End is Nozomi Sasaki, Yoshihiko Hakamada and Misaki Saisho.

Synopsis: An elementary school teacher named Yui visits the home of a boy named Toshio Saeki who’s been absent from school for a long period of time. When she arrives, she re-lives the horrific tragedy which occurred in the Saeki household 10 years earlier. A cardboard box left in a closet holds the key to revealing a long-hidden truth.

Ju-on: Beginning of the End (2014)

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