Horror Hotel the Web Series Season 1 Trailer

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Horror Hotel the Web Series Season 1

Horror Hotel the Web Series Season 1
Year: 2013
Genres: Horror, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M45S
Cast: Brittany Savoie, Marie Barker, Anastasia Peck, Jordan Demers, Samuel Riley Norman, Nathan DeRussy, Neil Ramsay, Derrell Keith Lester, Nick Rider, Austin Freeman, Matt Rogers, Erin Ownbey, Jeremy Sanders, Mike Bend, Stephanie Stevens, Amber Seidel, Candi VandiZandi, Tony Folden, James Edward Thomas, Philip Spartis, Ann Marie Gideon, Elle Trapkin, Wesley Williamson, Tanner Gould, Kalyn Wood, Haji Abdullah, Troy Halverson, Zoe Burgner, Johnny Harvill, Anastasia Pekhtereva
Director(s): Ricky Hess, Kyle Kukshtel, Brandon Thaxton

Horror Hotel Web Series Season 1 is now available on Hulu (I personally added this one to my Hulu queue) so check out the trailer to see what it is all about. No big budget here but the horror web series is also available on YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo so it should be good. Every episode is different and I am reminded of Twilight when I watched the trailer.

To watch Horror Hotel on Hulu, click here (www.hulu.com/horror-hotel-web-series).

The film community in Georgia is buzzing with news that one of their own productions, Horror Hotel the web series, has landed distribution on well- known streaming media site, Hulu.

The popular series gained immediate attention after releasing in September of 2013 catching the eye of The Georgia Entertainment Gala with a nomination for Best Series/Short Films for 2013, and most recently, winning 4 awards at the LAWeb Fest in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror category.

"We are so pleased to be able to showcase the hard work of all our 80+ cast and crew from the local Georgia film community for this 1st season. It"s exciting to see our series alongside current TV network programs and furthering the efforts of web series to have their content equally considered for upper tier distribution platforms like Hulu", said creator Ricky Hess.

Horror Hotel is an anthology series that features intriguing stories inspired by The Twilight Zone with episodes spanning sci-fi/fantasy/horror and suspense. It"s been a family affair since its inception with creator Ricky Hess working side by side with his mom Debbie Hess, the Executive Producer, and his dad, Al Hess, writer of all the 1st season episodes.

All the uncanny stories take place in a seedy, old motor court style motel located in the fictional town of Poganisville. The imaginative set was custom built and acts like a character of its own creating just the right "macabre " atmosphere for the twisted plots and surprise endings that viewers have come to love and expect.

1st season saw a collection of 6 episodes with over 90 minutes of quality content. 2nd season is now in production and kicked off with a sci-fi episode titled "Aliens Stole My Boyfriend". Veteran Horror Hotel actors Stephanie Stevens from 1st season "Guillotine" and James Edward Thomas ("Houdini"s Hand", "Invader", and "Guillotine") returns for the first episode. Actors Austin Freeman, Anastasia Peck and Katlyn Wood round out the talented cast. The 2nd season episode will feature shots on the custom built miniature motel model of Horror Hotel and a custom designed space buggy that crash lands in the parking lot of the motel.

The series is also available to watch on YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. For further information and details on all episodes, cast and crew, visit the website at www.horrorhotelwebseries.com

Artistic Film Experiments, Supernatural Paranormal, Science Fiction Precognition, Beautiful Robotic Humanoid, Deformed Human Mutation, Outer Space Alien Invasion, Radio Waves, Mass Hypnosis, Lust, Greed, Power, Supernatural Artifact, Psychopathic Murder, Obsession, Mummified Hand, Fear, Loathing, Sexy Blond, Gangster Bully, Genius Scientist, Food Nazis, Vanilla Creme Cookies, Miniature Model Scenes.
Horror Hotel is an anthology series featuring suspense thriller tales inspired by The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock.
Produced by Debbie Hess
Created by Ricky Hess
Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HorrorHotelTheWebseries
Website: http://horrorhotelwebseries.com via Horror Hotel the Series


All plot summaries are different for the different episodes of Horror Hotel. Episode "Tilt" centers around the kidnapping of a computer spyware hacker by a petty criminal and his sidekick Skinny, a cute android. They are successful in their kidnap caper, but the Android and the hacker join to turn against Merle, the criminal in a twisted plot. Episode "Guillotine" is about a beauty pageant contestant and her friend who agree to meet up at the hotel to swap a luxury car for a artifact reputed to turn women beautiful and irresistible. The girls wind up fighting to gain possession of the magical charm. Episode "Bookworm" is about a psychotic woman, Margaret Tally, who meets up with a book dealer, George Spoetzyl, on the road to a book show at a seedy motel to swap some antique books she has for unpublished manuscripts of her favorite author. She can't produce the goods and she comes with more to barter with. Before the deal can be sealed, however, Spoetzyl insults the author and turns Tally into a murdering lunatic. Episode "Invader" - Sci-fi writer Rodney Silvers has checked into the seedy motel to finish up a sci-fi novel he is writing. When the electricity goes out at the motel, the crazy residents blame Silvers as a real alien planning an invasion. Problem is, one of them is actually the alien. Episode "Tesla's Tooth" - Curley the gangster has possession of a mind reading tooth invented by Nikola Tesla and has taken it to electronics genus Fat Zac to retrofit in to his mouth for an advantage in a poker game. Curley insults Zac, who in turn adjusts the tooth to make Curley subject to his instructions. Episode "Houdini's Hand" - Two burglars steal the mummified hand of dead magician Harry Houdini. The had escapes it's ornate box in the motel room, locking them in and terrorizing them.