ABC's The Whispers Season 1 Trailer

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ABCs The Whispers Season 1

ABCs The Whispers Season 1
Year: 2015
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M59S
Cast: Dee Wallace, David Andrews, Jay Brazeau, Adrian Hough, Milo Ventimiglia, Catherine Lough Haggquist, Martin Cummins, Tom Butler, Ona Grauer, Paul Jarrett, Derek Webster, Michael St. John Smith, Alan Ruck, Kristen Connolly, Hiro Kanagawa, Giacomo Baessato, Jay Paulson, Callum Seagram Airlie, Kayden Magnuson, Gwynyth Walsh, Graem Beddoes, Ken Tremblett, Alison Araya, Lily Rabe, Jessica Harmon, Kylie Rogers, Abby Ryder Fortson, Marc Senior, Autumn Reeser, Darien Provost
Director(s): P.J. Pesce, Holly Dale, Brad Turner, Charles Beeson, Mark Romanek, Kenneth Fink

ABC has revealed their latest sci-fi TV series "The Whispers". The Whispers is about aliens invading Earth and using our own children to help. Lily Rabe from American Horror Story leads the cast including Barry Sloane, Milo Ventimiglia, Derek Webster and Brianna Brown. I saw the trailer and even though the plot reads very simple, I still feel like ABC might be able to pull off a very interesting TV series.

Aliens have invaded Earth by using our most unlikely resource to achieve world domination--our children. As the kids unwittingly help these unseen enemies, the clock counts down in this suspenseful race to save humanity.

The Whispers 1x01 Promo/Preview
The Whispers Season 1 Promo
The Whispers 1x01 Promo [HD]
"The Whispers 1x01 Sneak Peek"
"The Whispers 1x01 Promo"
The Whispers S01E01 Promo
The Whispers Season 1 Episode 01 Promo Preview Webclip Sneak Peek
The Whispers 1x01 Promo/Preview "Pilot" (Season Premier)
The Whispers Season 1 Episode 01 Promo
The Whispers Season 1 Finale Promo
The Whispers 1x01 Promo "Pilot" (HD) Season Premier

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When children across Washington, D.C., all start talking with the same imaginary friend named Drill, who persuades them to play dangerous games, the FBI calls in child specialist Claire Bennigan - whose deaf son has been speaking to Drill, unbeknownst to her - to investigate. Meanwhile, the defense department sends Wes Lawrence to the Sahara Desert, where he encounters a strange geological phenomenon. As puzzle pieces come together, creating a frightening picture, humanity must wage a battle against unseen forces if it hopes to survive.