Age of Tomorrow (2014) Trailer

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Age of Tomorrow (2014)

Year: 2014
Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M32S
Cast: Robert Picardo, Matt Mercer, Kelly Hu, Patrick Lazzara, Anthony Marks, Michael Lanford, Nick Stellate, Kye Kinder, Michael Hampton, Sarah Karjian, Lane Townsend, Matthew Langford, Morgan West, Mitchell Shawn, Mitchell Carpenter
Director(s): James Kondelik

James Kondelik"s Age of Tomorrow (2014) looks like a pretty good sci-fi film. Asylum Home Entertainment is releasing this sci-fi movie this June 10, 2014 on Blu-ray and DVD and IMDB even states that the film will also release in movie theaters on the same day. Starring in Age of Tomorrow are Kelly Hu, Robert Picardo and Matt Mercer.

Synopsis: When the sun strikes an altar hidden within the ancient Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, it creates a beacon that triggers an alien blitzkrieg. Within hours, their ships destroy all the military infrastructure on earth. One anthropologist knows how to repel the invaders, but this secret is buried under the ruins of the Pyramid of the Moon–directly underneath the mothership.

Age of Tomorrow (2014)

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