Aftermath (2012) Trailer

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Aftermath (2012)

Year: 2015
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M50S
Cast: Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, Ted Ferguson, C.J. Thomason, Randal Reeder, William Baldwin, Ross Britz, Kennon Kepper, Ashley Nicole Hudson, Andre Royo, Jonathan Camp, Kaleina Cordova, Tody Bernard, Luis Da Silva Jr., Cree Kelly
Director(s): Peter Engert

Peter Engert"s Aftermath (2012) trailer looks interesting and well forth the watch. The movie releases on VOD and in limited theaters this July 18, 2014. Starring in Aftermath are Edward FurlongMonica Keena, Andre Royo and C.J. Thomason.

Synopsis: The devastating horror of a nuclear apocalypse is now reality and nine desperate strangers find themselves clinging to life in a farmhouse cellar, while radioactive fallout descends on the darkened world above. These would-be survivors face the nightmare of dwindling supplies, poisonous air and the greatest threat of all — the hordes of zombie-like refugees who want in. With each dying day, their choice becomes clearer — stay and let the makeshift shelter become their tomb or face the unknown terrors of the world outside.

Aftermath (2012)

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