The Jersey Devil (2014) Trailer


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The Jersey Devil (2014)

Year: 2014
Genres: Comedy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M48S
Cast: Chris Mulkey, Jack Mulcahy, Doug Bollinger, Debbie Philips, Evonne Walton, Larry Salvato, Charlie Anastasia, Francis X. Sepe, Jeff Quinlan, Ryan Blomquist, Ryan D. Scott, John Camera, Alan Squats, Ryan Scott, Sasha Ford
Director(s): Joseph Pepitone

Joseph Pepitone"s The Jersey Devil (2014) is a horror-comedy like no other. The devil has been pushed aside and there is a new king of hell. With the massive change comes a new relocation of Hell; to New Jersey. I get the same feeling I got when I saw the first trailer for Hellbenders. It looks fresh and has some laughs from some new faces, watch the trailer. Starring in The Jersey Devil are Chris Mulkey, Keith Collins and David Chokachi.

From the Press Release:

Humanity Pride Productions, Green Light Films, and Diamond Jesus Productions have released the official trailer for their new horror/comedy project, The Jersey Devil.

The film stars Chris Mulkey, David Chokachi, Keith Collins, Jack Mulcahy, Edvin Ortega, and Penelope Lagos. It was directed by two-time New York Emmy winner Joseph Pepitone, written by Joseph Pepitone and Billy Pepitone, and produced by Jeff Quinlan, Keith Collins, Ed Luster, Jay Andriani, and Joseph Pepitone. Executive producers are Michael Billy, Jarl Haugedal, Dorothy Fucito, Debbie Philips, Charles Anastasia, Larry Salvato, John Camera, Frank Sepe, Jessica Pell, and Kimberly Clemente.

Synopsis: When Lucifer’s term limits come up, a new devil takes over with a vision to re-brand Hell; he wants something younger, cooler. After an exhaustive search he finds the perfect location for the new hell in Jersey City, New Jersey. As he begins to collect new souls to challenge the Kingdom, Lucifer comes to Jersey to foil his plans and return Hell to its original location.

The Jersey Devil (2014)

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