Jamie Marks Is Dead (2014) Trailer

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Jamie Marks Is Dead (2014)

Year: 2014
Genres: Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M59S
Cast: Judy Greer, Liv Tyler, Cameron Monaghan, Morgan Saylor, Ronen Rubinstein, Brett DelBuono, Sho Suzuki, Barbara Collins, Noah Silver, Jason Capuano, Madisen Beaty, Austin Gelfman, Lizzy DeClement, Erin Wilhelmi, Nadia Alexander
Director(s): Carter Smith

Director Carter Smith"s Jamie Mark is Dead (2014) is scheduled to release on VOD and in limited theaters this August 29, 2014. This trailer builds up to a creepy plot but I am still not feeling this one. There is nothing really wrong with the trailer but it is just not my style however, I feel like this may be one of those hidden gems. Starring in Jamie Marks is Dead are Liv Tyler, Judy Greer, Noah Silver, Madisen Beaty, Cameron Monaghan and Morgan Saylor.

Synopsis: Adam McCormick had just turned fifteen when the body was found in the woods. It is the beginning of an autumn that will change his life forever.

Jamie Marks was a boy a lot like Adam, a boy no one paid much attention to—a boy almost no one would truly miss. And for the first time, Adam feels he has a purpose. Now, more than ever, Jamie needs a friend. But the longer Adam holds on to Jamie’s ghost, the longer he keeps his friend tethered to a world where he no longer belongs… and the weaker Adam’s own ties to the living become.

Jamie Marks Is Dead (2014)

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