#KillAlllZombies PS4 Announce Trailer Gaming

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#KillAlllZombies - PS4 Announce Trailer

Type: Gaming
Duration: 1M36S

Playstation just revealed their new zombie game #KillAlllZombies that looks extremely addictive with what looks like hundreds of zombies attacking the player at once. The game will release for the Playstation 4 (PS4) in Q3 2014 sometime. You as the player will have to kill hordes of zombie waves with the ability for people to watch your streaming game. Viewers can affect your game because they can either help you by typing in commands to "killallzombies" or by typing "spawnbigboss", you get a massive zombie boss with a fatal one-hit kill attack. I really like the inventiveness in this game and the added bonus of viewer/player interaction. Will you play this zombie game or view it while typing in commands?

#KillAlllZombies - PS4 Announce Trailer

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