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Overkills The Walking Dead Game Reveal Teaser Trailer Game

Overkills The Walking Dead Game Reveal Teaser Trailer Game
Type: Gaming
Duration: 3M25S

Starbreeze AB, the folks who did Payday 2, will be working on the next The Walking Dead game titled Overkill. At the end of the trailer is a special message from Robert Kirkman endorsing the game and developer Starbreeze AB. The teaser trailer does not show any gameplay at all but you can already see that the game is going to have you making some very hard choices. There is a horde of zombies outside, a little girl is begging for your help, what do you do? Overkill is slated for an open (2016) release date and with the Starbreeze Diesel Engine powering the graphics, you can expect a great co-op game, even Robert Kirkman says Overkill is the co-op game that The Walking Dead fans have been waiting for.

Starbreeze AB, an independent creator, publisher and distributor of computer and video games, today unveils its new project, OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead, based on the hugely popular The Walking Dead series created by Robert Kirkman.

OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio, will deliver a completely new co-op experience to The Walking Dead universe, exploring new characters and storylines.

“The collaboration between Starbreeze Studios and our partner Skybound Interactive will deliver something uniquely exciting for our millions of fans. We’re two independents joining forces to create the ultimate survival horror game. With Robert on the team, we will bring The Walking Dead into the world of first-person shooter co-op games.” says Bo Andersson Klint, CEO, Starbreeze AB. He continues, “It will be gameplay focused, ferocious and bring chaos to the traditional industry model – from us developers straight to you. This time it’s big – don’t walk alone.”

“From day one on this project it’s been clear to me that this is the Walking Dead co-op action game fans have been waiting for. I can’t wait for people to learn just what OVERKILL has been cooking up for this game. Skybound is always about breaking new ground and trying to find something unexpected in all endeavors and this game continues that tradition in grand style.” says Robert Kirkman, CEO, Skybound Entertainment.

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead will be powered by Starbreeze’s Diesel engine updated for the next generation. The title is set to release in 2016.

In 2016, Washington will fall. What will you do?

After 34 days it's finally time to reveal what's next.

In (2018) Washington will fall.

Announcement by Robert Kirkman: http://steamcommunity.com/app/218620/announcements

www.overkillsthewalkingdead.com via OVERKILL Software