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A Cry from Within 2014 - Trailer

A Cry from Within 2014  Trailer
Year: 2014
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M5S
Cast: Eric Roberts, Robert Vaughn, Cathy Moriarty, James McCaffrey, Judi Beecher, Joe Pallister, Deborah Twiss, Sibyl Santiago, Sarah Elle, Harris Doran, Anjenette Harold, Eliza Roberts, Jack William Marshall, Theo Hearst, Heather Aitken, Chantal Maurice, Mckean Rand, Keith McMahon, Brian Kelly, James Sladky, Larema Muhammad, Tiana Fries, Emilie Trehel, Drew Henriksen, Rocco Ancarola, Angelique Berry, Pat Patterson, Carina Cappello, Brian Vincent, Catherine Gentile
Director(s): Zach Miller, Deborah Twiss

Directors Zach Miller and Deborah Twiss" A Cry from Within (2014) trailer starts slow then quickly escalates. As horror trailers go, this trailer looks good but screams B Horror Movie and has made me want to watch this film but I am still not bought that this may be a good horror movie. I am curious to hear what you have to say about this trailer in the comments below. Starring in Eric Roberts, Cathy Moriarty and Deborah Twiss.

Following a devastating miscarriage, a New York family abandon their hectic City lifestyle for the peace of a small Long Island town. Renting a large house, reluctantly vacated by a middle-aged spinster and her domineering mother, Jonathan, Cecile and their two children Ariel and Morgan settle in to rebuild their lives. Exploring the rooms and corridors, eight-year-old Ariel (Sydney McCann) begins to feel unease, having previously suffered nightmares that foresaw terror.
Resuming his career as a grief counselor at the town’s local hospital, Jonathan (Eric Roberts) learns of the curious relationship of the house’s prior occupants: Alice (Cathy Moriarty) and her bed-ridden mother Sophia who has suddenly entered an unexplained coma that elderly Dr Williams (Robert Vaughn) cannot comprehend. The family all falls under the influence of the unnerving presence occupying the women’s house. Cecile’s (Deborah Twiss) demeanor becomes increasingly lustful and provocative and the family find themselves at the mercy of a terrifying and violent manifestation that Ariel identifies as a tortured young boy, Sebastien.
In fear for their family, Jonathan and Cecile must unlock the secret that binds Sebastien’s torment with the two former hateful occupants and the local priest Father Thomas whom Alice bars from ever seeing her mother. Only then will the family be able to release themselves from Sebastien’s hold and help him and themselves move on.

Trailer for the upcoming supernatural thriller A Cry From Within via 7 and 7 Producers' Sales Service


A NYC family is stuck in the hamster wheel of money and spending and position. When the mom, Cecile, loses a baby, the family decides to simplify their lives and move to the country. The house they choose slowly lets it be known that it has chosen them as well and the mystery and connection unfolds in a terrifying and tragic reveal.