The Second Reign of Night (2014) Trailer


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The Second Reign of Night (2014) - Trailer

AKA: Foe
Year: 2016
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M58S
Cast: Mark Gantt, Joe Lewis, Timothy Gibbs, Loris Curci, Colin Morgan, Reg Wilson, Nikol Kollars, Mingo Ràfols, José Luis Barquero, Anna Andres, Valentina Perella, Vasylena Dimitrova
Director(s): Antoni Solé

Looking for a new ancient occult Egyptian movie, check out this low budget indie film trailer for The Second Reign of Night (2014). Antoni Sole currently has this film in post-production. This new film comes to us from Odin"s Eye Entertainment who is looking to release to DVD and VOD soon. Mark Gantt, Nikol Kollars and Timothy Gibbs star in The Second Reign of Night.

Boston professor Johan Meyer, an eminent anthropologist and lecturer is highly regarded for his translations of Egyptian pre-Khufu tablets. Approached to evaluate an ancient text, his mysterious client requires urgency so Johan works around the clock. As the hours pass, strange occurrences take place as Johan’s dreams become drenched in bizarre visions. It all seems a strange coincidence until the translation is almost at an end. It is only then, when Johan realizes the parchment contains a ritual that brings to life Ereshkigal thus awakening the dead and plunging the world into eternal darkness.


This movie is talking about a man called Johan Meyer who is archaeologist, he have to translate old language from Babylonian civilization, but he have to do it in limited time and under threat of death from an unknown man.
The Second Reign of Night (2014) - Trailer

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