Club Dead (2014) Trailer / Poster

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Club Dead (2014) - Trailer / Poster

Year: 2015
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M8S
Cast: Angel Sala-Belen, Ali Williams, Trish Cook, Brian Metran, Brad Potts, Brandon Middleton, Justin Ray, Elena Wang, Suzanne LaChasse, Doug Mattingly, Doug Bilitch, Matt Masella, Kim Hamilton, Catherine Kyritsi, Katie Cordero
Director(s): Paul Rocha

Watch the trailer for Club Dead (2014) because it looks really good. I really like the vampires in this film, traditional scary vampires always win in my opinion. Who does not like vampires in a night club? The trailer minds me of Vamp while the poster reminds me of Fright Night, is this a good sign? Starring in Paul Rocha"s Club Dead are Justin Ray, Ali Williams and Lauryn Morse.

Synopsis: A group of friends obsessed with Hollywood’s hottest night spot, Club Dead, spend many a night trying to get in, but never make the cut. When beautiful newcomer Judy comes to town and accompanies her friends to Club Dead, the owner, Madame, eyes Judy and beckons her inside immediately . When Judy refuses to leave her new friends behind, Madame reluctantly agrees to let everyone in- they are ecstatic. The hot music, ravishing people and open bar lead the gang to believe this will be the best night of their lives. But it doesn’t take long until they discover that Club Dead is run by vampires-and those that get in come out “undead”! To her horror Judy discovers why she was chosen-Madame has a unique destiny in mind for the pure young beauty. When Judy and her friends discover the truth, chaos ensues as the group is desperate to find a way out of… Club Dead!


Club Dead (2014) - Trailer / Poster

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