[Short Film] Testement LuchaGore Productions

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[Short Film] Testement - LuchaGore Productions

Type: Short
Duration: 7M10S

Testement is short horror film that is gruesome and scary, I liked it. Raynor Shima and his LuchaGore Productions team created this horror short for the Phrike FilmFest 72 Hour Film Competition 2014 in Vancouver. After watching the short, please go to the Phrike FilmFest website and vote so that they can win the Grand Goblin Award and prize of $5,000.

Synopsis: Three sexy, backwoods sisters sacrifice a greasy mechanic in the name of Jesus, robbing him of his life seed to inject into their mother in an attempt to resurrect her from the dead.

[Short Film] Testement - LuchaGore Productions

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