Necroshift (2014) Trailer

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Necroshift 2014 - Trailer

Necroshift 2014  Trailer
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M14S

Kev Harte and AbandonHope Films" brings us their latest horror film, Necroshift (2014). I watched the main trailer and the second trailer below I am a little curious to see the film. Starring in Necroshift are Kaylea Marie Hudson, Craig Duggan and Liam Graham Olsen.

Synopsis: Necroshift is a horror comedy revolving around two slacker hospital workers, Briggs and Holmes, who find themselves in a desperate situation one stormy night. They coast by on their jobs, doing their rounds, sometimes, as well as sitting around discussing their favorite horror movies, mostly. When the dead body of a notorious serial killer known as "The Soul Stealer" is brought back one night, they find themselves fighting for their lives, and their preferred genre of film is about to become a reality.

The standalone teaser for our upcoming horror film, Necroshift ,coming soon from AH films.Old Ideas.New blood. via Kev Harte