The Control Group (2014) Trailer / Poster

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The Control Group (2014) - Trailer / Poster

Year: 2014
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M31S
Cast: Brad Dourif, Luce Rains, Taso N. Stavrakis, Monique Candelaria, Kodi Saint Angelo, Jerry G. Angelo, Jenna Enemy, Ross Destiche, Justen Jones, Emily Soto, Shane Philip, Larry Laverty, Meisha Johnson, Ian Pickett, Denise Mauer
Director(s): Peter Hurd

Peter Hurd"s The Control Group (2014) trailer looks very interesting and I love that 80"s movie style, it is so refreshing. This is Peter Hurd"s first directorial debut which premiered at Twin Cities Film Fest 2014 with some really good reviews. I really like how Hurd and cast including Brad Dourif, Ross Destiche, Jenna EnemyMonique Candelaria and Taso Stavrakis created something different from all the recent horror movies and it really stands out.

Synopsis: Trapped in an abandoned insane asylum, five college students and the rogue scientists who abducted them must band together when a supernatural threat appears.


The Control Group (2014) - Trailer / Poster

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