Summer Camp (2015) Teaser Trailer / Poster


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Summer Camp (2015) - Teaser Trailer / Poster

Year: 2015
Genres: Horror
Type: Teasers
Duration: 1M21S
Cast: Jocelin Donahue, Mark Schardan, Maiara Walsh, Àlex Monner, Diego Boneta, Xavier Capdet, Rick Zingale, Andrés Velencoso
Director(s): Alberto Marini

Alberto Marini"s Summer Camp (2014) looks to have some great scares and thrills. I love the action and the scenes look spectacular. The poster looks looks a little uninspiring but this must-see trailer has the goods. Cast in Summer Camp (2014) are Diego Boneta, Maiara Walsh, Jocelin Donahue and Andrés Velencoso.

Filmmakers behind "REC" re-team for "Summer Camp"



Four American counsellors at a European summer camp must deal with the outbreak of a rage-inducing plague that starts in the animals.
Summer Camp (2015) - Teaser Trailer / Poster

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