Ex Machina (2015) International Trailer

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Ex Machina (2015) - International Trailer

Year: 2015
Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M33S
Cast: Corey Johnson, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Deborah Rosan, Chelsea Li, Alicia Vikander, Evie Wray, Elina Alminas, Symara A. Templeman, Sonoya Mizuno, Claire Selby, Ramzan Miah, Johanna Thea, Gana Bayarsaikhan, Tiffany Pisani
Director(s): Alex Garland

Alex Garland"s Ex Machina (2015) looks simply awesome. I remember I, Robot and the recent Automata but this film looks terrific. Ex Machina is a drama sci-fi thriller. The acting looks great and I really like the "robots" design. This is Garlands directorial debut after screenwriting 28 Days Later... and Dredd. Look for Ex Machina in the UK this January 23, 2015 while the US has to wait until April 10, 2015 for this treat. Starring in Ex Machina are Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander.

Synopsis: A young programmer is selected to participate in a breakthrough experiment in artificial intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a breathtaking female A.I.

Ex Machina (2015) - International Trailer

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