Gore Orphanage (2015) Trailer


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Gore Orphanage (2015) - Trailer

Year: 2015
Genres: Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M58S
Cast: Maria Olsen, Sharyn Kmieciak, Keri Maletto, Sabastian Synuria, Nicholas Knotts, William Sutherland IV, Skye Durst, Connor Simpson, Wyatt Sutherland, Matthew Deering, Jacqueline Lapisardi, Evan Mitchell, Claire Simpson, Brandon Mangin Jr., John Mahramas
Director(s): Emily Lapisardi

Emily Lapisardi"s Gore Orphanage (2015) is based on the legendary haunted orphanage. This film seems to take place before the hauntings began. There is no official release date as yet but the trailer looks good, the low budget really shows. The actors seem to really get into their roles. Cast in Gore Orphanage are Maria Olsen, Bill Towsend, Kerri Maletto and Emma Smith.


When 9 year old Nellie's entire family dies, she is taken to Gore Orphanage. She quickly learns that some things are worse than losing her own family and she has to fight to survive before she ends up dead also.
Gore Orphanage (2015) - Trailer

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