Age of Ice (2014) Trailer

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Age of Ice (2014) - Trailer

Year: 2014
Genres: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Type: Trailers
Duration: 0M44S
Cast: Bill Lumbert, Rose Anne Nepa, Bailey Spry, Michael Bugard, Dennis Doyle Jr., Joe Cipriano, Barton Bund, Owais Ahmed, Ali Amine, Ali Habhab, Peter Malek, Nardeep Khurmi, Tariq Ahmed, Jill Hagara, Nada Alkhouri
Director(s): Emile Edwin Smith

Emile Edwin Smith"s Age of Ice (2014) is original to say the least. After watching the movie trailer I find the idea of the movie very interesting and even though the director had a low budget, the film looks very promising. This sci-fi film takes a stab that, what if, the Sahara Desert had a flash freeze starting the next ice age. Look for Age of Ice on December 9, 2014. Cast in Age of Ice are Barton Bund, Jules Hartley and Bailey Spry.

Synopsis: Massive earthquakes open the Arabian tectonic plate, resulting in unstable weather and freezing temperatures that will be unsurvivable by nightfall. Now, a vacationing family in Egypt must battle the rapidly cooling temperatures that usher in a new Ice Age, covering the Sphinx, Pyramids, and Sahara Desert with mountains of snow.

Age of Ice (2014) - Trailer

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