Dead Island: Epidemic Open Beta Trailer (Game) Gaming


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Dead Island: Epidemic - Open Beta Trailer (Game)

Dead Island: Epidemic - Open Beta Trailer (Game)
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Deep Silver"s Dead Island: Epidemic is now in open beta and available for download right now. The new zombie game now has a new PVE mode titled Crossroads. There is also a new weapon mod system. The gameplay reminds me of the Diablo games, I am a huge fan of the Diablo series and I will be downloading this Dead Island: Epidemic Open Beta real soon.

Larkspur, Calif. ? December 5, 2014 – The zombie-infested hack & slash action arena is now in Open Beta as Deep Silver unleashes Dead Island: Epidemic for all users to play for free on Steam. With the Open Beta, Dead Island: Epidemic receives a major content update that includes the following features and improvements:

All-New PvE-Mode: Crossroads
Crossroads enriches the PvE experience in DI:E. It offers a bigger variation, higher replayability and more challenge, regardless of skill level. Both beginners and veterans get access to a mode where they can have a lot of fun while at the same time unifying the game experience across both PVE and PvP.

Progression System Overhaul
Levels for individual characters have been removed: There is now a global character level that applies to each character and unlocks apply to each character once you reach a new level.

Crafting Overhaul
Weapon leveling and workbench levels have been removed and a new loot-based weapon modification has been introduced: As they complete matches players can now earn weapon modifications (which are divided into rarity: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary) which offer progressively more powerful and unique gameplay altering perks.

Passive Skills
Character weapon expertise has been removed and instead every character now has a unique passive ability.

Loot System Rework
Smarter drop system has been added which ensures more guaranteed drops and less randomness.

The full extensive patch notes for the update can be found at

Dead Island: Epidemic is a fast-paced multiplayer action hack & slash where players will duke it out over supply points, using an arsenal of crafted weaponry, a bevy of devastating powers, and good old-fashioned teamwork. And yea, we?ve got zombies too, so there?s that.

Dead Island: Epidemic is available as a Free-to-Play PC title on Steam and features all the trademark elements that are part of a Dead Island experience.

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