Doc of the Dead (2014) UK Trailer / UK DVD Cover Art

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Doc of the Dead (2014) - UK Trailer / UK DVD Cover Art

Year: 2014
Genres: Documentary
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M49S
Cast: Tom Savini, Simon Pegg, Bruce Campbell, Greg Nicotero, George A. Romero, Steven Barton, John Harrison, Fran Kranz, Russell Streiner, Stuart Gordon, Judith O'Dea, Jacqui Holland, John A. Russo, Charles Fultz, Kyle William Bishop
Director(s): Alexandre O. Philippe

Altitude Film Distribution will be releasing Doc of the Dead (2014) in the UK on February 23, 2015 via DVD and On Demand. Here we have the UK trailer and UK DVD cover art. Alexandre O. Philippe"s Doc of the Dead (2014) stars Charlie Adlard, Joanna Angel and Steven Barton. George A. Romero gets an appearance in the trailer along with many other zombie genre icons/faves.

Synopsis: Origins of the undead, real-world flesh-eaters, Fifties sci-fi flicks, zombie p*rn, and modern zombie screen treatments from George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead through to Shaun of the Dead and “The Walking Dead” are all lovingly dissected under a compelling microscope.

An accessible and authoritative primer on flesh-eaters, DOC OF THE DEAD offers real food for thought into how zombies have come to penetrate society and demonstrates there is much life in the undead yet!


Doc of the Dead (2014) - UK Trailer / UK DVD Cover Art

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