The Atticus Institute (2015) Trailer / Poster


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The Atticus Institute (2015) - Trailer / Poster

Year: 2015
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M50S
Cast: William Mapother, James Paradise, Ivar Brogger, Karen E. Wright, Larry Moran, John Rubinstein, Anne Betancourt, Lawrence Moran, Shannon Wilcox, Julian Acosta, Michael James Bell, Rob Kerkovich, Harry Groener, Ilya Pikus, Paul Pikus
Director(s): Chris Sparling

Chris Sparling"s The Atticus Institute (2015) trailer looks very promising and like something that I will enjoy. The Atticus Institute releases on DVD and Blu-ray this upcoming January 20, 2015 thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment. Special features will include deleted scenes and a making of the film featurette. Cast in The Atticus Institute are Rya Kihlstedt, William Mapother and Sharon Maughan. I cannot wait to see this demon possession movie, the movie poster below looks great!

Dr. Henry West founded The Atticus Institute in the early 1970s to test individuals expressing supernatural abilities – E.S.P., clairvoyance, psychokinesis, etc. Despite witnessing several noteworthy cases, nothing could have prepared Dr. West and his colleagues for Judith Winstead. She outperformed every subject they had ever studied – soon gaining the attention of the U.S. Department of Defense, who subsequently took control of the research facility. The more experiments they conducted on Judith, the clearer it became that her abilities were the manifestation of evil forces within her, prompting the government to take measures to weaponize this force. But they soon discovered there are powers that exist in this world that simply cannot be controlled. Now the details of the inexplicable events that occurred within The Atticus Institute are being made public after remaining classified for nearly forty years.



The story of a 1970's psychology lab in Pennsylvania where a case of demonic possession took place.
The Atticus Institute (2015) - Trailer / Poster

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