Treehouse (2014) Trailer

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Treehouse 2014 - Trailer

Treehouse 2014  Trailer
Year: 2014
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M18S
Cast: Daniel Smith, Clint James, Mallory Malibu Waugh, Dana Melanie, Debbie Forrester, J. Michael Trautmann, Daniel Fredrick, Nick Herra, Darren Kennedy, Victoria Spencer Smith, Caleb Cox, Vincent Michael-Smith, Chance Nichols, Nathan L. Henderson, Shannon Knopke, Jake Gregory, Elaine Jenkins, Meghan Socha
Director(s): Michael G. Bartlett

Director Michael G. Barrlett (The Zombie Diaries and The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill) brings us his new movie Treehouse (2014). This is a US horror mystery thriller that is not his classic found-footage movie style. Barrlett has described this film as a siege film where kids are scared and trapped in a treehouse out in the forest. They are being terrorized by shadow figures out on the the forest ground. Uncork"d Entertainment will be releasing this new film on February 20, 2015. Starring in Treehouse are J. Michael Trautmann, Dana Melanie and Daniel Fredrick.

Synopsis: A teenage boy discovers the perpetrators of several brutal kidnappings in his home town.

Feb 20. via OC Trailers