H1Z1: 'The Easy Life' Early Access Trailer Gaming

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H1Z1: 'The Easy Life' Early Access Trailer

Type: Gaming
Duration: 1M38S

This is the official early access trailer for new zombie game H1Z1 from Sony. The game looks very similar to DayZ but with much better graphics and maybe even cutscenes. I watched the game trailer and could not help noticing the "Romero"s Supermarket" logo at about 35 seconds into the trailer. I could not get into DayZ with all the bugs and horrid graphics but maybe Sony has polished all of these aspects so I may jump in soon.

If you cannot wait to play the zombie survival game that is H1Z1, then you can get it today from Steam Early Access for $20. You get 3 event tickets, 2 crates and 1 key. For $40 you get more tickets, crates, keys and the recipe to craft an exclusive aviator hat.

H1Z1: 'The Easy Life' Early Access Trailer

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