Bigfoot Spotted in NY's Prospect Park!? Video

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Bigfoot Spotted in NYs Prospect Park

Bigfoot Spotted in NYs Prospect Park
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Duration: 1M33S

Unbelieveable news is reporting a Bigfoot in Brooklyn"s Prospect Park (Urban Bigfoot Sighting). Not only was he spotted but we have a full video of him. Now this is highly unlikely and looks a little doubtable but for all of you interested, here is the Bigfoot sighting video ready to watch. This Bigfoot video was uploaded on January 27, 2015 right after the tremendous amounts of snow that the East Coast was buried under.

This is Unbelievable footage that I captured in Brooklyns Prospect Park. I recently started a live streaming / time lapse channel called Brooklyn Live Video to capture different parts of Brooklyn. I had set up a camera in Prospect Park on a side trail to capture the snow fall, today I went back and collected it and found this footage. It appears to me to be Bigfoot.... Seriously. Looks like it was taken at around 7 am this morning.

Take a look and tell me your thoughts. I am no expert, but this is pretty compelling stuff. I am baffled how this creature could be in Brooklyns Prospect Park.

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Russell via Russell Strark