Creature Feature (2015) Trailer

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Creature Feature (2015) - Trailer

Year: 2015
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M58S
Cast: Robert Hatch, Leslie Kimbell, Christina Klein, Jason Vail, Christina Marie, Michael Howell, Rebecca Thomason, Andrea Joe, Chase Smith, Shelby Tsuhlares, Tenille Houston, Allen O'Reilly, Alex-Michael Petty, Libby Blanton, Nick Heeter
Director(s): Chase Smith

Chase Smith"s Creature Feature (2015) now has a movie trailer and I feel like the theme was very Creep Show but it lost me a little. I am not liking this trailer and for some reason the style, maybe it is just that the budget looks very shoestring. Check out the trailer and leave your thoughts... was I too cruel? Cast in Creature Feature are Tenille Houston, Libby Blanton and Jason Vail.

Synopsis: Creature Feature is five interwoven tales of terror that occur one foggy Halloween night in Georgia. A babysitter learns a new appreciation for fine art and hard lesson about the consequences of being irresponsible…and naughty!; a group of college kids stumble on the mother of all Scarecrows; two teenagers are forced to steal from the wrong cantankerous old hermit who has been known to occasionally howl at the moon; a murdered father comes back for vengeance against his gold-digging wife and traitorous children; and all of this Halloween fun is made possible by a London Gentleman known as…”Jack”

Creature Feature (2015) - Trailer

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