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The Suffering 2015 - Trailer Poster

The Suffering 2015  Trailer Poster
Year: 2016
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M26S
Cast: Liz Christmas, Carl Stevens, Nick Apostolides, Elizabeth Deo, Regen Wilson, Phil Amico, Fahim Hussaaini, Chad Eric Smith, Lee Hamilton, Reed Peltier, Kina Gee, Chappy Gould, Timo Gould, Fahim Hussaini
Director(s): Robert Hamilton

A horror film about depraved creatures trapped in between worlds is Robert Hamilton"s The Suffering (2015). Starting with the movie poster, I like it. Very subtle and not much going on but creepy in it"s own way. As for the movie trailer now, there is a great moodiness and lingering horror throughout the trailer. If I had to say that this film reminds me of something it definitely has to be Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams. Anyways, I am going to see this film the first chance I get so make sure you watch the trailer here. Starring in The Suffering are Nick Apostolides, Elizabeth Deo, Regen Wilson, Phil Amico, Chad Eric Smith and Liz Christmas.

The Suffering 2015 poster

A property appraiser fights for his sanity when he's trapped on a rural farm inhabited by sinister beings overseen by a mysterious caretaker.
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Release date: July, 2016. Breaking Glass Pictures

Director/Co-Writer: Robert Hamilton
Executive Producer/Co-Writer: Marco Scola
Producer: Marco Scola, Brandon Rose, Robert Hamilton, Ian Coyne
Cinematographer: David Newbert
Editor: Ryan Liebert
Trailer Editor: Isaac Ruth & Robert Hamilton via The Suffering (2015)


Property appraiser Henry Dawles must fight for his sanity when he finds himself trapped on a rural farm owned by mysterious caretaker, Mr. Remiel. As the threat to Henry escalates, he is forced to face the horror of the farm and uncover the dark mysteries of Remiel, and the sinister beings he encounters.