The Infected (2013) Trailer / Poster


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The Infected (2013) - Trailer / Poster

AKA: The Dead Inside
Year: 2013
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M12S
Cast: Bern Collaco, Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro, James Harrison, Sian Francis, Marco Flammer, Jamie B. Chambers, Craig Izzard, Jamie Ben Chambers, Stuart J. Prowse, Benjayx Murphy, Simon Mathews, Samuel Hogarth, Dee Thompson, Elizabeth Quinn, Gerald Tomkinson
Director(s): Andrew Gilbert

Andrew Gilbert"s Infected (2013), originally known as The Dead Inside (2013), is a action horror sci-fi movie. The zombies look more bloody then grotesque but what do you expect from this low budget horror movie. There is a huge amount of zombies in this film. The Infected (2013) DVD releases this upcoming June 2, 2015. Starring in Infected are Luke Hobson, Nicky Paul Barton and Roger Fowler.

From the Press Release:

Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand, brings you INFECTED. Directed by Andrew Gilbert, the film stars Luke Hobson (Wayland’s Song), Nicky Paul Barton, Roger Fowler, Samuel Hogarth, and David Wayman (After Death, Art Ache). INFECTED is available on DVD for an SRP of $27.97 and on Digital Video on June 2, 2015.

An average day in a quiet suburb becomes ground zero for the end of the world that we knew. When a fast-spreading global pandemic turns ordinary people into flesh-eating monsters, a handful of terrified survivors and the remnants of an army squad find refuge in an elementary school turned emergency shelter. With the hordes of walking dead trying to get in, scarce weapons, and a dwindling food supply, the embattled refugees begin to turn on each other. As they slowly perish, they desperately attempt to escape and determine if they are the last uninfected humans left on Earth.



It's the weekend, and the lads are off on the town! What could possibly go wrong? How about the end of the world as we know it...
The Infected (2013) - Trailer / Poster

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