House with 100 Eyes (2013) Trailer / Poster


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House with 100 Eyes (2013) - Trailer / Poster

Year: 2013
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M43S
Cast: Shannon Malone, Jim Roof, Lauren Lakis, Jade Bryce, Larissa Lynch, Liz Burghdorf, Andrew Hopper, Katie Costick, Kelly Cunningham, Michael O'Grady Moriarty, Max Potesky
Director(s): Jay Lee, Jim Roof

Directors Jay Lee and Jim Roof are bringing horror movie fans something a little different with House with 100 Eyes (2013). The movie poster below spews "terrifying scenes". I watched the trailer and I have to say, this is not a film for me. I am not into these gruesome horror movies with such gore just for the heck of it.  If you have the stomach for it, watch the trailer. Look for House with 100 Eyes on DVD thanks to Artsploitation Films this June 16, 2015. Starring in House with 100 Eyes are Shannon Malone, Larissa Lynch, Liz Burghdorf and Andrew Hopper.

The DVD features the following:

  • Sizzle reel
  • Gag reel
  • Trailer
  • Director’s commentary



Ed and Susan appear to be a normal loving couple, however, they are far from it. They are snuff filmmakers...
House with 100 Eyes (2013) - Trailer / Poster

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