The Silenced (2015) Teaser Trailer / Poster

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The Silenced (2015) - Teaser Trailer / Poster

AKA: Gyeongseonghakyoo: Sarajin Sonyeodeul
Year: 2015
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Type: Teasers
Duration: 0M52S
Cast: Bo-yeong Park, Won-Hee Go, Ryun Jo, Bo-Bi Joo, Dong-Hyun Kim, Ye-ji Kong, Sun-Ah Lee, Joo-hee Park, Se-In Park, So-dam Park, Sung-yeon Park, Mi-Ji Seo, Hee-seop Sim, Bo-Young Park, Su-dam Park
Director(s): Hae-young Lee

Hae-young Lee"s The Silenced (2015) is a new Korean horror film releasing in South Korea on June 2015. Below we have the poster that looks rather boring. Does not convey the horror aspect at all so this movie should be more mystery thriller focused. Cast in The Silenced are Bo-Young Park, Su-dam Park and Ji-won Uhm.

Synopsis: A sickly girl Ju-ran transfers to a new sanitorium boarding school to regain health. But she discovers that students are disappearing and notices abnormal changes happening to her body. She suspects the school for what’s happening and tries to discover what secret is hidden.


The Silenced (2015) - Teaser Trailer / Poster

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