Night Terrors Reality Survival Horror Game Gameplay


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Night Terrors - Reality Survival Horror Game Gameplay

Type: Gameplay
Duration: 1M51S

Night Terrors is a new survival horror game for 2016 that at first, in the gameplay video, reminds me of the Silent Hills PT trailer. This is a 2016 mobile horror game which is being called a "reality survival horror game". Night Terrors maps your home, workplace or any random creepy place you are already in then renders the room in realtime to deliver scary visuals. The gameplay video looks awesome and although I have my speculations, I am still psyched to see how Night Terrors fully develops and I will keep an eye on this horror game too for future posts.

From the Press Release:

We are proud to announce the release of our gameplay trailer giving you a sneak preview into what our app Night Terrors is going to be like, please bare in mind this is not the final representation, only a visual teaser to show you what can be done with the apps technology. The video contains spacialized audio so please wear your headphones!

At Novum Analytics we’ve just redefined the survival horror gaming genre with Night Terrors. Night Terrors is an ultra immersive gaming experience that transforms your environment into a terrifying hellscape. Equipped with your smartphone, gameplay takes place at home, after dark, with the lights off and your headphones on. As you move through rooms Night Terrors builds a map of your space giving monsters and characters realistic movement. Unlike other augmented reality games that use gimmicky effects and 3D models, Night Terrors’ content is rendered with a cinematic approach based on our unique algorithms.

The result? An unprecedented, photorealistic experience with binaural audio that changes as you move within your space. It’s pretty simple … save the girl and survive if you can!


Night Terrors - Reality Survival Horror Game Gameplay

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