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ENKI - E3 2015 Trailer

ENKI  E3 2015 Trailer
Type: Gaming
Duration: 0M46S

Microsoft revealed a new IP horror survival game named ENKI at the E3 (2015). This trailer is pretty short but does show off some of the game mechanics and puzzles. Game developer SOEDESCO showed some pretty good graphics and game mechanics BUT there was no scary element. Are they keeping the scares and real selling points for another trailer, they better release them soon because it looks good but how can the game draw in real horror game fans with nothing to scare them/tease them in the trailer. I am definitely interested in this game and recommend you watch the trailer in full HD. This trailer shows ENKI game footage on the Xbox One.

Game Developer SOEDESCO describes ENKI as:

ENKI is a repeatable horror experience about escaping. With multiple endings and an extensive randomization system that will ensure that every playthrough will always be different from the previous one, whether you as a player succeeded in escaping or not.

For success is not guaranteed. Locked up in a dark cellar, the player only has a short time to figure out what has happened and how to escape from the clutches of a dangerous serial killer. By finding items and solving puzzles the player can escape, but because of the smart randomization this will prove a challenge every time.

Your ending is most likely a horrible and painful death. But should you be able to find a way to escape, you will be granted one of the many different endings depending on how many secrets you managed to unlock while escaping. Also, there may be more than just the most obvious way out…

While exploring and finding your way out, you will uncover more information about the serial killer holding you captive. Ancient occult magic and mysteries will be revealed, and you will discover that there is far more at stake than just your life… Inspired by authentic occult and religious texts, ENKI is under development by Storm in a Teacup, and will delight fans of horror, the supernatural and mystery.

ENKI is a first person survival horror with multiple endings: try to escape a serial killer connected with a mysterious cult! via Xbox