Horizon Zero Dawn E3 2015 Trailer Gaming

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Horizon Zero Dawn - E3 2015 Trailer

Type: Gaming
Duration: 6M35S

At E3 2015, Guerilla Games (Killzone) is brought us a new IP titled Horizon Zero Dawn. The visuals are stunning and the gameplay looks like nothing you have seen before. Main character Aloy hunts robotic dinosaurs with a futuristic sci-fi bow but the tribe she is from seems so prehistoric that I originally felt like I was watching something taking place during prehistoric times. I was very wrong. The creatures are all robotic and Aloy hunts them with nothing but a compound bow in this trailer. Aloy is able to use different mods and was able to use a special "anchor" arrow to temporarily hold the massive creature in place so she could deliver the fatal-final arrow to it"s weak spot. The way she took down this creature was amazing!  This is a must see game trailer, hand down. Sony will release Horizon Zero Dawn in 2016.

Horizon Zero Dawn - E3 2015 Trailer

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