Jurassic Park: 1990's Kid Remake Short Film Video


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Jurassic Park: 1990's Kid Remake Short Film

AKA: Jurassic Park
Year: 1993
Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Type: Videos
Duration: 6M21S
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Neill, Christopher John Fields, Roy Scheider, Jophery C. Brown, Jeff Goldblum, Whit Hertford, Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc, Gary Rodriguez, Ariana Richards, Miguel Sandoval, Laura Dern, Brad M. Bucklin, BD Wong, Gerald R. Molen
Director(s): Steven Spielberg

Jurassic Park (1993) was the original step into the Jurassic Park world and there was a fantastic fan film made by kids way back. Steven Spielberg probably could have used these kids" creativity in the Jurassic World (2015) movie. The creators of this video include David Chakrin and Michael Raisch (later became a filmmaker). I remember I used to make all types of scenarios with my action figures but never thought to record them... missed opportunities. The short film is a condensed Jurassic Park film that is 6 minutes long, enjoy.

Source: Raisch Studios


During a preview tour, a theme park suffers a major power breakdown that allows its cloned dinosaur exhibits to run amok.
Jurassic Park: 1990's Kid Remake Short Film

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