Super Mario Bros. / Game of Thrones Mashup Video Funny

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Super Mario Bros Game of Thrones Mash-up Video

Super Mario Bros Game of Thrones Mashup Video
Type: Funny
Duration: 1M42S

If you are remotely a fan of HBO"s Game of Thrones or Super Mario Bros. with Mario then you are going to love this video. Watch as the Game of Thrones theme is played in standard 8-bit music while the castles are formed and the credits role for every Super Mario Bros. character scrolls by. The video is funny when you think about it and you cannot help feeling nostalgic for any one of these great franchises.

Source: Reddit

Game of Thrones shot-for-shot parody in the style of Super Mario World. The animation was created by myself Steven Jase; while the music and sound effects were composed by Paul LeBlanc. via Steven Jase