The Russian Sleep Experiment Trailer


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The Russian Sleep Experiment - Trailer

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The Russian Sleep Experiment has become extremely popular through Creepy Pastas and today we have the trailer for the new horror short film. This short film will make a visual representation of the horrors that occurs through sleep deprivation. Also included a great telling of the Creepy Pasta by CreepsMcPasta below.

Synopsis: Deep within the Soviet Union, 1945. A dedicated Russian scientist (Gary Brunner) begins an experiment on three N*zi war criminals. Felix Nast (Michael Bugard), Hanz Berlitz (Zach Ross) and Ulrich Shultz (Brett Solferino) are held within a sealed chamber for 30 days under the effects of an experimentational sleep deprivation gas. For 30 days these men are kept awake to deal with their demons and fight psychological trauma all while being methodically analyzed by the scientist

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The Russian Sleep Experiment - Trailer

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