Queen of Earth (2015) Trailer

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Queen of Earth 2015 - Trailer

Queen of Earth 2015  Trailer
Year: 2015
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M31S
Cast: Kate Lyn Sheil, Kentucker Audley, Katherine Waterston, Patrick Fugit, Elisabeth Moss, Keith Poulson, Craig Butta, Daniel April, Will Clark, Mia Heiligenstein, Elisabeth Arndt, Katherine Fleming, Morgan Skrabalak, Lily Garrison, Adam Piotrowicz
Director(s): Alex Ross Perry

Alex Ross Perry"s Queen of Earth (2015) is a thriller movie that focuses on two women who discover that they have grown apart. This trailer looks utterly crappy and reminds me of a horrible movie trailer from the 1970s. Not a movie I am looking forward to watching ever. Elisabeth Moss, Katherine Waterston, and Patrick Fugit star in Queen of Earth.

Opening in theaters and VOD August 26th.

Starring: Elisabeth Moss, Katherine Waterston, Patrick Fugit, & Kate Lyn Sheil

Elisabeth Moss delivers a fearless performance in this tour-de-force portrait of psychological breakdown. In her second collaboration with acclaimed director Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Philip), she stars as Catherine, a woman careening towards emotional collapse after a one-two punch of heartbreaking events. Seeking peace and solitude, she heads to the secluded lakehouse of her best friend, Virginia (Inherent Vice’s Katherine Waterston). But their quiet country retreat becomes a journey into steadily mounting hysteria as past and present collide and the love-hate relationship between the two women threatens to tear them apart. Driven by Moss’ unforgettable performance, this darkly funny psychological thriller immerses viewers in the shattered mind of a woman on the edge.

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Two women go away together. One meets a man that distracts her from being there for her friend. The betrayed friend says, "One day you will need me, and then I won't be there for you." When they next go away together the roles are reversed, the threat becomes reality. But the two situations are not exactly the same - the man in the first scenario was benign, the man in the second scenario is toxic. That and other differences displace the parallel between the two events.