Impervious (2017) Teaser Trailer / Posters

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Impervious 2017 - Teaser Trailer Posters

Impervious 2017  Teaser Trailer Posters
Year: 2015
Genres: Horror
Type: Teasers
Duration: 0M47S
Cast: Daneah Underwood
Director(s): Al Hallak, Alex Hallak

Director Al Hallak has a new teaser for his (2017) horror movie titled Impervious (2017). Impervious is still a long ways from the 2017 release, but the teaser trailer is focused on atmospheric horror. The posters look interesting but at the same time dull. Daneah Underwood is the only confirmed actor for the film.

Impervious (2017) poster 1

Impervious (2017) poster 2

Source: official Facebook page

Katie recently moved to a new house. In the basement, she finds old photos of a family who lived in the house and were all murdered. When she starts to investigate their story, frightening things begin to happen.

Starring Daneah Underwood
Written By Al Hallak and Darwin Carlisle
Produced and Directed by Al Hallak

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