Barbarous Mexico (2014) Trailer


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Barbarous Mexico (2014) - Trailer

AKA: México Bárbaro
Year: 2014
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M36S
Cast: Dave Walden, Harold Torres, Barbara Perrin Rivemar, Karly Palmer, Mayra Espinoza, Nino Reyes, Rubén Zerecero, Waldo Facco, Romeo Reyes, Mirko Poblete, German Gabarrot, Florencia Ríos, Olena Medwid, Antonio Garcia, Gary Starkell
Director(s): Jorge Michel Grau, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Isaac Ezban, Laurette Flores Bornn, Ulises Guzman, Edgar Nito, Lex Ortega, Aaron Soto

Horror anthology Barbarous Mexico (2014) releases on DVD this upcoming November 3, 2015, via Dark Sky Films and Ravan Banner. The film is based on many Mexican horror stories/themes that are quite horrific looking and features shorts from eight Mexican directors. The trailer looks fantastic featuring stories from boogeymen, trolls, ghosts, monsters, Aztec sacrifices and Day of the Dead.

Eight Mexican directors have united to create a film anthology featuring the most brutally terrifying Mexican traditions and legends, brought to vividly shocking life. MÉXICO BARBARO presents haunting stories that have been woven into the fabric of a nation’s culture, some passed down through the centuries and some new, but all equally frightening. Stories of boogeymen, trolls, ghosts, monsters, Aztec sacrifices, and - of course - the Day of the Dead all come together to create a film that is as original as it is familiar... and as important as it is horrifying.

The directors represented in this anthology film are Jorge Michel Grau (We Are What We Are, The ABCs of Death), Isaac Ezban (upcoming Fantastic Fest award winner The Incident), Laurette Flores, Ulises Guzmán, Edgar Nito, sound designer Lex Ortega (Here Comes the Devil, Frankenstein’s Army), Gigi Saul Guerrero (El Gigante, Choose Your Victim), and Rue Morgue Mexico coordinator Aaron Soto.


Eight Mexican directors unite to bring tales of the most brutally terrifying Mexican traditions and legends to vividly shocking life.
Barbarous Mexico (2014) - Trailer

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